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Remix Recycling Inc. a full service recycling company, helps citizens, local governments and private organizations participate in cleaning our world’s environment by collecting plastics, glass, cans, paper and solid waste through our residential curbside collection program.

Remix Recycling will collect, transport and recycle waste from your home and thus reduce the amount of waste (plastics, paper, cans, glass) in our landfills. Currently, Remix Recycling collects approved recyclable materials through partnerships with local governments and private citizens in Alabama and Georgia.

We are ready to add you to our growing roster of citizens and governments who are committed to protecting our climate through effective recycling methods.

Amount of plastic bottles Americans throw away every hour.


Lead Your Community

“What we do today, right now, will have an accumulated effect on all of our tomorrows.” Eventually we’ll realize that if we destroy the ecosystem, we destroy ourselves.

Help Save Money

“There are fewer plastic trash bags needed”. By using our system you will reduce the number of trash bags you purchased by as few as twelve bags per year.

Help the Environment

“To have a Truly Healthy environment is not merely safe. “It demands ecological sustainability to stimulate the long term economic sustainability.”

Create Jobs

“Green will help to revitalize the economy.” Ever increasing environmental concerns and the lack thereof have created a platform to rein in millions of new green jobs.


According to the EPA, recycling provides an annual benefit of 49.7 million metric tons of carbon equivalent emissions reduced, comparable to removing 39.4 million passenger cars from the road each year.