Remix Recycling. is a full-service recycling company dedicated to keeping the environment clean through the collection, transport and processing of plastics, paper, glass, cans, food waste and spent cooking grease into reusable products. As demonstrated in our partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Waste Wise Program, our company leadership commits to effect change in the public’s disposal and recycling habits one individual at a time.

Improving and increasing recycling is one of the greatest opportunities for our environment, our natural resources, and our economy!


When we launched in 2008, we focused on supporting the reduction strategy to keep wastes out of our landfills and green jobs into our communities.


Our #1 business goal is to offer preferred landfill diversion through recycling approved waste system and to advance the use of bio-fuel in our fleet of collection trucks (clean fuel) and reducing landfill dumping.

In this commitment, we are creating “green jobs” —a new movement in America in which we are proud to be a member.

Remix Recycling is privately owned and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.