We offer affordable, easy recycling options for every home, and commercial establishment.


We replace that old unsightly trash can with our 16 gallon three compartment stainless steel recycling bin that allows the ease of recycling, so when family and friends come to your home you make it easy for them to do the same thing by having the proper tools.

Also included FREE:

  • One 96 gallon four compartment curbside bin to transfer your recyclables for scheduled pick-up.
  • One 96 gallon patented odor proof bin for food and yard waste
  • One 13 quart inside paper bin and one odor proof 1.25 gallon inside food waste bin.
  • One 1.25 gallon container that can easily tucked away under your cabinet or pantry for your spent cooking.

You can build a house with a hammer and nails, but just imagine if you had all the proper tools.

We provide all the proper tools to easily separate your paper, plastic, cans, glass, food waste, yard waste and spent cooking grease.


Recycling starts in the kitchen not outside in a blue bin.


We Pick it up.

fleet_truckWe provide the entire tool kit without any extra cost from your current solid waste fee, and 99% of all customers would pay the same fee for the first twelve months and would be automatically reduced to fifty percent the second year.

80% of what Americans throw away is recyclable, yet the recycling rate is 33%.

  • gets recycled

  • buried in landfills

  • goes to incinerators